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How an Improved Credit Score Benefits Your Small Business

By Reshma Rawat
on January 24th, 2017

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How an Improved Credit Score Benefits Your Small BusinessIt’s not a hidden fact that not having a good credit score may affect your personal as well as business life to a great extent.

In personal life, a low credit may mar your chances of getting a car loan when you want to buy a car or any other kind of personal loan, and on the business front, it can wreck your chances of getting business financing during cash crunch situations.

It is always advisable to keep your personal finances separate from business finances. Even your personal money habits may affect your business finances.

Having an improved credit score can be beneficial for your small business in many ways. Here’s how:

How Improving Your Credit Score Benefits Your Small Business

Read here to know how improving your credit score can be advantageous for your small business:

1. It Can Get You Better Interest Rates

A poor credit score can have a significant impact on interest rates of your business financing, more so in case of unsecured business loans.

As per finance experts, if someone (lender) is willing to take a chance on you by offering you any type of credit for your business, then they will most likely lend you financing at extremely high interest rates if you don’t have the required credit.

By improving your credit score by paying dues on time and lowering your existing debt, you can get lower interest rate financing for your business, and can save a lot of money in the long run.

2. It Can Give You Access to More Funding Options

With a poor credit score, many small businesses find it difficult to secure funding through banks or other traditional lenders, however, if you have a great credit score, many reputed lenders will want to approve your business loan application because they will be sure about your creditworthiness.

Improving your credit improves your chances of getting approval from targeted lenders including banks, NBFCs or other lending institutions.

3. Better Credit Can Help You Create a Good Impression on Lenders

Every entrepreneur needs financing at various stages of his/ her business. While the lenders may give you a business loan in the beginning, impressed by your concept, but to get funding from them in future too, you need to build a strong relationship with them.

How can you do it? By simply improving your credit score and paying all their previous and existing loans on time to build trustworthiness for yourself and your business. If you’ve repaid your previous loan amounts within the stipulated period, lenders will be impressed by your ability to pay and will not hesitate to fund you in the future too.

If you want to gain these benefits, it’s recommended to work on your personal credit score and keep on improving it. By doing so, you can have better access to business funding when you need it most, and increase your chance of success in entrepreneurship.

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